Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G USB modem not detected (No Device Found) – Let’s FIX IT

Few days ago, In my Dell Inspiron notebook the Vodafone mobile connect 3G USB modem not detected. In Vodafone mobile connect software “NO DEVICE FOUND” error shown. I was not known what the problem is? Then I first uninstalled the software of Vodafone mobile connect and installed it again and again. But it not worked. First of all I thought a problem in my USB Stick but the problem was that the system not founded the Vodafone modem drivers. If you have same problem then Don’t Worry and follow simple tips.


Tip No. 1 : First you have to download the latest software of vodafone mobile broadband and install it and check it.

Tip No. 2 :

Step 1: Attach your Vodafone mobile broadband stick.

Step 2: Then right click on Computer icon and go to Manage (Computer Management) → Device Manager → Network adapters

Go to computer management

Step 3: In Network adapters you will see the Vodafone Mobile Broadband Network Adapter.

find Vodafone Mobile Broadband Network Adapter

Step 4: Then Right click on the Vodafone Mobile Broadband Network Adapter and click on the Update Driver Software and then click on Browse My Computer For driver software.

Update driver software of vodafone mobile broadband

Browse my computer for driver software

Step 5: Then Browse Driver Software location at C:\ and click on the Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

click on the Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer

Step 6: Now click on the Show Compatible Hardware and then select Vodafone Mobile Broadband Network Adapter and click Next. That is all done, The Vodafone Mobile Broadband Network Adapter Updated Successfully.

select Vodafone Mobile Broadband Network Adapter

Vodafone mobile broadband network Adapter updated successfully

Enjoy … If you have any problem about this post please comment below we will try to help you.

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  1. Ratnadeep says

    Hi This is not showing in device manager, then what to do?
    I am using Official laptop where USB MassStore is blocked by registry.
    Please help

  2. gurpreet singh says

    The cause of the problem could be an issue with an incomplete un-install of an earlier version of the Vodafone Mobile Broadband software already installed for an older device. This problem may appear on all PCs with Windows operating systems .
    I bang my head with walls for hours till I got an article on Vodafone site that this can be resolved by using vmb_cleanup utility which will cleanup all previous installed files of Vodafone dongle. Here is the linek to this :


    It worked for me. I hope it helps you as well.

  3. RajeshV says

    Vodafone 3G dongle, still cannot be detected after doing all the thing mentioned above, plus 2 reboots, changing USB ports, checking that the SIM is working via a mobile device, etc…. please advise, does this work via BlueTooth or Wifi ???? as ideas

  4. Syed says

    Hi ,
    I followed all the above steps, but still my device is not detected.
    When i click on Vodafone mobile broadband app, it opens with loading and closes with no response.

  5. Kevinmb says

    my vodafone usb dongle is not on the list of network adapters although it is plugged into the usb port

  6. Anupam says

    hi…done every thing as u said but it searched d device only once N than no connection option is shown l8r…wat next ne idea..??

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