Solved: Low Memory Warning In Windows 8.1

I recently updated my windows 8 to windows 8.1. I noticed that there are lots of problems with windows 8.1 and lots of users are not satisfied with Microsoft due to various problems arising in windows 8.1. There are many common problems in windows 8.1. Before some days only, I updated my windows and then I was playing “Call Of Duty – Modern Warfare” and after several minutes the notification of “Low Memory Warning” appeared. As I saw the notification, first of all I opened “task manager” and closed the game to prevent the lose of data.

When you work on apps which needs more memory, your PC slows down when your used memory exceeds 1 GB and an error message “Close programs to prevent information loss. Your computer is low on memory. Save your files and close these programs” appears when it exceeds 2 GB.

How To Fix Low Memory Problem In Windows 8.1

First of all, go to “task manager” and select “startup” tab. Now disable the apps which are of high startup impact by just right clicking on that app. Use CCleaner to clear your PC history, temporary files and caches.

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  1. Peter norman says

    I have 8 gb ram and play no intensive games. My browsing was slow and some websites failed to load.. I kept getting messages re low memory. I found the problem was “skype for desktop”. When uninstalled (I now just use 8.1 version), my computer immediately sped up. Now it is lightning fast again..

  2. Dustin says

    What happen if you shut down instead of restarting after you get the notification of the running out of memory when playing games?…

  3. Dustin says

    Just now i got the same problem. My laptop is asus it got 4gb RAM and 740NVDIA. I was only playing dota and cs go, after finishing the cs go game i got the warning. So now im afraid to play the game, how should i solved this problem?

  4. stumped2 says

    I solved the ‘running out of memory’ message that popped up while playing various games on my laptop pc. Maybe this will help someone. If you are playing at a different resolution than your default ..say you are playing at 1027 x 768 and your native resolution is 1920×1080…you will get that message. Before you start that game, change your default resolution to whatever you will be using in the, as the example above, change your desktop to 1027×768…then start your game. Fixed the problem for me.

  5. Roshni Gupta says

    I m also hvng d sme problem of “low memory nd prevent information loss” wid windw 7 also…
    It lower down d system performance..
    Nd 1 progrm takes too much tym to open..
    Wat should i do to get rid of dis prblm..
    Plz reply asap if ny1 hav sol..

  6. lid says

    Problem not resolved.
    I have 16 GB RAM and this message appears when I just used 2 GB. Also I m not running low on 16 GB virtual memory.
    All drivers updated with win 8.1. same message never appeared when using win 8 system running same applications.
    Guess compatible issues

  7. Patricio says

    Well, I have tried both methods and they didn´t work, in the first one there was no Power Management tab and my Bluetooth Device was already updated.

    I will restore my laptop to Windows 8 and see if it works fine as it used to do, if it does I will post my results and see if the problem is Windows 8.1 or my RAM.

    • Jay Bokhiria says

      Hi Patricio,

      Play games with Windows 7 compatibility mode.

      1. Right click on game and go to properties.
      2. In properties, Click Compatibility tab and Mark Run this program in compatibility mode for: then select Windows 7 from options.

      Thank you.

  8. AKT says

    Hi, I too am having this problem. It gives me the warning when I have as little as 40% RAM being used.

    My total RAM is 8gb.

    I have tried your solutions but no luck. I’ve also scoured the web for a solution but the best I found was how to just turn off the warning but I worry that if I did that it still wouldn’t use all the RAM and just wouldn’t tell me about it.

    Even get it when playing Bastion…which is a game that runs on iPads!!

    Thanks in advance.

    • Jay Bokhiria says

      I’m working on this issue. I will solve your problem soon, please keep patience and keep visiting.

      Thank you.
      – Jay

  9. Patricio says

    Hello, I´m also having this problem, I have 8gb of RAM and when I´m playing some games like Borderlands 2, Far Cry 3 and Metro Last Light this message pops up, I´ve used Memtest86 to see if it was my RAM the one that was failing but it didn´t show up any problem, I also ran my Antivirus from the Bios and it didn´t detect anything, I dont know what else I can do.
    Before upgrading to Windows 8.1 I was able to play Borderlands 2 for 5 hours in a row and I never had any problem, now I can´t play for half and hour.

    I just want to know if the problem is Windows 8.1 because if it is, I will just restore my laptop to Winows 8.


  10. joaolx says

    I have 8GB of RAM and this error happens to me when I’m playing any intensive game. It can be annoying but I’m also afraid it’s affecting the performance. Because of this it never uses more than 3.5GB of RAM. Since the update it has never used more than that and the rest says it’s available and below it says around 5GB being used as cache. In my startup apps I have four apps that start with high priority. btmshellex, ikey_start(asus), start menu x and Realtek high definition audio. The last three are pretty much what I need every day.
    So is there a way to make this three apps start after the pc boots so I can see if this trick really works? And does this really allow me to use more than 3.5GB of RAM, it’s pretty annoying knowing my pc doesn’t even use 50% of the system RAM. I’ve searched a lot and no trick worked. I’m surprised that so long after 8.1 release it still hasn’t been fixed.

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