Solved: Bluetooth Device Not Working In Windows 8

Windows 8 has many great features and apps are available and working incredibly but few devices or programs are not working in Windows 8 like Bluetooth device, .NET framework, etc. In Windows 8 Bluetooth not working because Bluetooth drivers or software not compatible with Windows 8. The main problem is your Bluetooth drivers that’s not compatible with windows 8. So follow below steps to solve this problem. [tested in dell inspiron and working for all dell laptops]

Fix: Bluetooth Not Working In Windows 8

Step 1:

→ First download your Bluetooth driver and extract it.

Step 2:

→ Now go to C:\dell\drivers and find your Bluetooth folder [In dell inspiron 15r C:\dell\drivers\24T1W\R235168].

Step 3:

→ Now open Win32 (for 32-bit) or Win64 (for 64-bit) and find BtwMM.exe and install it.

Step 4:

→ After installed BtwMM.exe, now find Inst.exe and install it.
→ Now check your Bluetooth device, If you have any question about this problem please comment below.

Download Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro Pack (Win 8.1 to Win 8.1 Pro Upgrade)

Solution 2: Watch Video Tutorial

This solution is working for all major laptop brands and manufacturers like Dell (Inspiron, Latitude, Precision, Studio, Vostro, XPS, Studio XPS, Alienware), HP (HP Pavilion, HP Omnibook, HP Elitebook), Sony (VAIO), Lenovo (ThinkPad, IdeaPad, 3000 series), Acer (TravelMate, Extensa, Aspire), Asus (Asus Eee, Zenbook), Toshiba (Dynabook, Portege, Tecra, Satellite, Qosmio, Libretto), Samsung (Sens), CompaqIBM, etc.

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  1. Leo says

    Worked for me as well. HP folio 13.
    Directory slightly different:

    C: SWSetup>Drivers>BCBT4>Win 32(or 64)

    Install BTW.msi
    Install INST.exe

    • Shreya says

      Hi Leo.
      I have a Hp Pavilion Windows 8 laptop. I followed your instructions but there is no folder named BCBT4 in the ‘Drivers’ folder. All I have is ‘amd64’ , ‘Packet’, ‘x86’ , ‘Ralink_BT_A10.100.cva’ ,and ‘setup’. Which folder should I open and what are the next steps. I have no idea about computers and this problem with my bluetooth has started recently, I guess post the 8.1 update.

      Thanks In advance. :)

  2. Dr Ravi says

    Dear Sir,
    After stuck on blue for 15 days, install and uninstall several time, check Broadcom website, and did so many techniques posted on several websites but no luck. but after following your method it works like charm.
    I have no words to say thanks. but I wish you for good health and wealth.
    Dr. Ravi

      • chris says

        i have a dell xps and my bluetooth is not working .. im not very good with computers but if u can give me step by step so i can unsderstand i would really appriciated it. thank u

        • says

          Hi Chris,

          1. First open your Bluetooth folder.
          2. Then find “BtwMM.exe” and double click on it to install.
          3. Then find “Inst.exe” and install it. That’s it.

          Thank You.

  3. hemendra says


  4. shalini says

    sir when m going to install the bluetooth setup file, it says you have compatibility issues….i have tried all the solutions. pls help me in this.

  5. Soumen says

    I have Lenovo essential G460 .Bluetooth is not working on windows 8 .please help .thanks in advance …

    • says

      Hello Soumen,

      First of all you try above trick provided by us, if it doesn’t work then reply us.

      Thank You.

    • says

      Hello Nilutpal,

      Yes, you can use this procedure in your lenovo notebook. If any problem arise then reply us.

  6. kiran says

    I have studio 1558, I tried ur trick. but the problem is that it shows activate bluetooth. I switched it on but the device is not detected!!! I checked bios also there bluetooth is enabled!!!

  7. Jhonatas says

    Hello there. I have upgradwed my 15RSE in a while now, but i wasn’t able to get blutooth to work. Ive tried several things. I cant find those files you specified on the post. I downloaded Bluetooth Software Downloaded from Broadcom, as i saw in one of the coments, but it stucks on the “Detect bluetooth device” phase. It also shows a warning bellow “please plug in or turn on your bluetooth device”. There’s no bluetooth switch on windows wireless settings, so i don’t know how to turn it on.

    What should i do about this?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Vijay says

    i’m using dell inspiron N5010,tried ur trick to get bluetooth but didn’t get it
    bluetooth is enabled even in bios settings but still not able to use bluetooth
    while trying to transfer the files,its showing like ‘bluetooth device not found
    please verify that your bluetooth device is properly connected and turned on’
    please provide some solution for this sir!!!

      • Vijay says

        Thanks for the quick response dude…
        i do have these two drivers & i tried installing these two,but the result is same
        i can switch on & of the bluetooth but i cannot transfer the files in anyway
        i even tried downloading bluetooth software downloader to identify automatically & install but unfortunately that too didn’t work.need some help desperately boss..this issue is killing me from a long time :(

        • says

          Please check bluetooth status in Device Manager.

          Go to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound and find Device Manager.

          In Device Manager click on “Bluetooth” option, If any yellow mark shown in bluetooth option then tell us.

          Thank You.

    • Jay Bokhiriya says

      Hi Alfa,

      You can try this in your samsung laptop. If any problem arise then tell us in comment.

      We will try to solve your problem.

      Thank you.

  9. Gaurav Jalan says

    Hi,there i have the sony vaio f series laptop with windows 8.My problem is after succesfull pairing my device shows offline and not able to send file from my smartphone to sony vaio laptop.My sony vaio model no is SVF15218snb .plz help

    • Jay Bokhiriya says

      Hi Gaurav,

      First of all “ON” your wireless network using Wireless switch, Now go to PC settings -> Wireless and then turn “ON” your Bluetooth Device.

      Check this image for more…

  10. sulay says

    i have HP pavilion g6 2016tx model with W8 64bit os. I have tried all setups like intel,Qualecomm and brodcom for bluetooth but non them is working. In brodcom when i run MSI.exe setup it says there is an unknoen error occured with your bluetooth software licence. My another bluetooth device connects with my laptop but i can’t send/receive files.

    • Jay Bokhiriya says

      Hi Sulay,

      “There is an unknown error occurred with your Bluetooth software licence” error occurred because your Bluetooth device not found valid licence key of your windows version or Your Bluetooth software licence is valid for only single PC.

      My advice for this error, you can uninstall all your Bluetooth software and re-install again. Also update your BIOS settings.

      Thank You.

  11. Ken says

    Can you help please. I am unable to connect my Logitech Bluetooth UE9000 headphones to my Dell XPS 27 (windows 8). The headphones are paired but will not connect. The headphones are fine, they connect successfully with iPhone, Android , Macbook Pro & win 7 laptop. UE9000 can pair with 8 devices.
    Thank you.

    • Jay Bokhiriya says

      Hi Ken,

      Here is three solution for this problem, please try this and if it not works then tell me.

      Solution 1:

      Go to RUN(Windows logo + R) and type “regedit” to open registry editor.

      In registry editor go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion

      In CurrentVersion find Current version and change the value 6.3 to 6.2.

      If already Currentversion is 6.2 then follow the Solution 2.

      Solution 2:

      Remove your Logitech Bluetooth UE9000 headphones from your laptop (Devices and Printers).

      Then click on Add a device and set your headphones Bluetooth to pairing mode.

      When your headphones Bluetooth shows up in list DO NOT CLICK ON NEXT BUTTON. -> Right click and go to Properties and select ALL option for services and after install it. May be it will works for you.

      Also check your default Sound device in Control Panel and Sound.

      Solution 3:

      Download broadcom bluetooth drivers HERE and then follow Solution 2.

      Thank you. I will waiting for your feedback.

      • Ken says

        Hello Jay, Thank you for your help.

        Solution 1 was already set at 6.2

        Solution 2, no right click menu

        Solution 3, not compatible with windows 8

        • Jay Bokhiriya says

          Hello Ken, Thank you for your feedback.

          Follow steps, may be that helps you to solve this problem.

          Step 1: Go to Windows search by click on top right corner of the screen.
          Step 2: Type “manage audio devices” and click on Settings.
          Step 3: Now click on “Manage audio devices”. In Playback option you will see Headphones option.
          Step 4: Now Right click on Headphones and click on Connect button to connect your Bluetooth headphones.

          Let me know if it works for you. Thank you.

          • Jay Bokhiriya says

            Hello Ken,

            There are problem in your Bluetooth Audio Drivers, btwaudio.sys, btwadvt.sys, dmk.sys, ksthunk.sys and portcls.sys are missing from your dell xps laptop.

            Screenshots for more help – Screenshot 1 | Screenshot 2

            My advice to solve this problem is please go to Dell Drivers & Downloads and find latest Bluetooth drivers that compatible for your dell xps.

            I will waiting for your answer. Thank You.

          • Ken says

            Thanks Jay, Sorry for the late response.

            I have updated the Bluetooth drivers from the Dell website. No Change.

            Found that btpreload.exe was disabled in startup. Enabled, rebooted & got a message stating that btvstack could not be started.

            Headphones still not connecting.

            Thank you

          • Ken says

            Hi Jay. I tried to complete your solution but I am unsure what account details I should fill in at step 4

            “Step 4:
            “Now click on Log On Tab and mark on “This Account” and type your account name or browse to find your account name.”

            To what account is this referring? Where would I find that information? I don’t use Bluetooth for internet access, just for keyboard, mouse & hopefully headphones! I am reluctant to change it until I am sure I have the correct details.

            Thank you

          • Jay Bokhiriya says

            Hi Ken,

            Your computer account name, you can also find in your start screen at upper right corner. Also you can use “Local Service” in “This account” field.

            Thank you.

          • Ken says

            Hi Jay.

            Thank you for all your help.

            However, I’ve reached the end of my patience with my PC. A Dell Technician will visit next week to repair.

            Thanks again for all your help.


  12. Soptikx says

    Please help me..i try many thinks but still not working my bluetooth..If i booth my laptop,bluetooth was working..after i stop BT in services is not working..i uninstal the soft and drivers but i dont now what instal pc ASUS device manager no Pc setings no BT..wifi on..soft.QualcommAtheros_Win8_64_VER800220..Bluetooth_Suite.EXE is not running..soft..SetupBtwDownloadSE is running but ask me for switch the BT ver.of win 8.1..
    Please what i have to do?????

  13. Beto Vega says

    It worked on my Lenovo A320 after upgrading to Win8. Tried for months, not even the folks at Lenovo could help. Thank you so much.

  14. Jure says


    I have a problem of Windows 8.1 not recognizing my Bluetooth module.

    I have an HP 4510s probook and bluetooth worked fine on previous versions of Windows.

    I have read online, that HP is not supporting bluetooth on this model for windows 8.1, but I was wonering if there is any way to get it to work.

    I tried all your suggestions and still nothing works.

    Thank you in advance,


    • Jay Bokhiria says

      Hi Jure,

      Method 1:

      1. First go to search and type “Device Manager“.
      2. click Settings and then click Device Manager.
      3. In Device Manager, Find your Bluetooth device and right click on it and then click Properties.
      4. Click Power Management tab and then UNCHECKAllow the computer to turn off this device to save power

      Method 2:
      Follow simple steps:

      1. First go to search and type “Device Manager“.
      2. click Settings and then click Device Manager.
      3. In Device Manager, Find your Bluetooth device and right click on it and then click Update Driver Software.
      4. Then click Browse my computer for driver software.
      5. Click Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.
      6. Click on your Bluetooth Software and then click Next.
      7. That’s It.

      Let me know if it works, thank you.

  15. abhienav says

    i have toshiba satellite C50a-p0012 and has win8 installed.i am facing the same problem. i can’t find bluetooth anywhere although i’ve all the necessary updated doesn’t show up in device manager. even in pc settings under wireless devices only wi-fi is listed. i wanted to try out your method but can’t locate above files on my system. please help me find them and advise what to do?
    thnx a ton in advance

      • abhienav says

        Thnx for ur time. but i have already tried what u’ve mentioned and much more. bluetooth is not listed in the device manager i.e in the main list. although when i expand ‘system devices’ listed in the main list, i see one ‘Bluetooth ACPI'(dnt know wht it is). it’s status is shown as working properly and latest driver already installed. even then i’ve uninstalled it and installed the latest driver frm toshiba website and elsewhere,several times. but the problem persists.
        i should also mention that when i click settings in the charms bar and click on change pc settings and then on wireless, Only wi-fi is listed under wireless devices and not the bluetooth. wi-fi is working fine on my system.
        hope u can locate the problem.thnx in advance

  16. fire067 says

    I am using Compaq 510, windows 8.1 enterprise edition 64 bit. Bluetooth was perfectly working in windows 7. When I upgraded to win 8.1 it is not showing the bluetooth device. I tried installing SetupBtwDownloadSE.exe from braodcom website it shows error msg please plug in or turn on your bluetooth device. I have tried the above methods , I have installed bluetooth driver using above methods but bluetooth icon doesnot appear in tray as well as device manager. And when I send something through bluetooth it says “Bluetooth device not found.Please veryfy that bluetooth deviceis properly connected or turned on”.

    I dont know what the problem is. I have inbulit bluetooth which supports intel as well as broadcom drivers. I dont know how to turn on/ making win 8.1 to recognize my device.

    Please help. Thank You.

  17. sudhanshu says

    Hello sir
    Since past 3 days I am trying to connect my JBL bluetooth speaker with my win8 dell 14r(5420) laptop but all in vain. I have tried all of the things which are covered on this page I have also downloaded the latest bluetooth driver from dell website, installed it and it was useless. Computer recognises the speaker installs it but shows disconnected all the time. I have enabled the device in volume option also. But in playback devices it always come disconnected. I t will be great help if you can guide me with this.
    Dr. Sudhanshu

  18. bucksnort2 says

    My laptop cannot see the bluetooth dongle anymore, It used to work, then today it stopped. It doesn’t show up as connected when plugged into the USB port. Why doesn’t the computer see it anymore?

    • says

      Hi bucksnort2,

      If your Bluetooth was working before and now it’s stopped working then use System Restore to solve this issue. Because sometimes when you install other software or application that also affect the bluetooth files. So Restore your system, that’s it.

      If you have any question then comment.

      Thank You.

  19. Muneer says

    I tried all these steps but my Bluetooth still not working
    my laptop is dell inspiron n5010
    my os is windows 8.1 x64
    and my bluetooth is broadcom 365

    I tried to install all driver and software even driver of Lenovo but my problem still

    this is what I have
    (R226746 R273948 R228749 R235168 0CPMH and these drivers for lenovo notebook h0wz07ww h1bn01ww)

    and this is my problem
    btwmm installed ok but when I tried to install inst , this message suddenly appear

    “the wizard was interrupted before bluetooth software could be completly installed
    your system has not been modfied . to install this program at a later time , please run the installation again ”

    I tried solve it from services.msc and regedit but nothing change
    and I tried to update bluetooth driver from broadcam bluetooth software downloader but it told me please plug in or turn on bluetooth device
    I need help please

    • says

      Hi Muneer,

      1. Uninstall all bluetooth software and drivers from your dell laptop.
      2. Now Click Here to open dell recommended drivers for dell N5010.
      3. In dell drivers page, find Bluetooth Drivers and download it.
      4. After completed download then install it. That’s it.

      If you have any further problems then tell me.

      Thank You.

      • jason says

        HI,I bought a rocket fish Bluetooth adapter for my windows 8 gateway ne56r13u,I tried using the CD but it said it was incompatible .I went to there main website for the latest driver for windows 8,downloaded it and ran it, but it said “please plug in or turn on Bluetooth devise”. the usb is in but it wont recognise it at all,the light is on but it no dice,any suggestions. ohh yea the model number for the usb is RF-MRBTAD

  20. Rounaq Jhunjhunu Wala says

    Thank Goodness! It worked like heaven
    Thanks man you saved me for mutilating my Inspiron out of frustation.
    You ROCK!

  21. ernez says

    hi sir. my laptop is dell inspiron 15r 5537. running windows 8. i have an issue with my BLUETOOTH. others device such as my handphone and other bluetooth devices also cant find my laptop using bluetooth although i have check the “Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer” in the bluetooth setting. i also set my bluetooth ON in my laptop. My laptop also cant find even single devices. I’ve install the latest driver from dell official website. This is my hardware info=> From Bluetooth Setting on tab Hardware,


    1.Dell Wireless 1705 Bluetooth (Manufacturer: Qualcomm Atheros Communications)
    2.Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator
    3.Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator

    Hope to see your reply soon sir..thanks

  22. Akira says

    My laptop is Dell studio 1435 and i install win 8.1 32 bit
    I tried this method and my bluetooth is working

    But, after i reboot laptop, the bluetooth shows “cannot load driver” error in device manager.
    I tried your following steps for enabling the bluetooth

    1. First go to search and type “Device Manager“.
    2. click Settings and then click Device Manager.
    3. In Device Manager, Find your Bluetooth device and right click on it and then click Update Driver Software.
    4. Then click Browse my computer for driver software.
    5. Click Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.
    6. Click on your Bluetooth Software and then click Next.

    Whenever i restart my laptop, i have to repeat the steps above.
    Is there any solution to this ? Thank you for your help.

  23. Feddy404 says

    Hello….I am using a hp 15 notebook pc Intel Core I3-3110m…My problem is that I downloaded the latest driver by ralink only when I go to bluetooth the switch says off and I can’t turn it on….help. I’ve been frustrated for so long.

  24. Ferdinand Bada says

    I am using hp 15 core I3-3110m notebook pc. The problem is that I cannot turn on bluetooth. I can see the wifi toggle box highlighted but the bluetooth one is not.I have the latest driver by ralink.When I search there are no devices found and no devices can find me.Help please.

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