How To Turn On Bluetooth In Windows 8.1

Recently Microsoft launches Windows 8.1 with many great features and apps but there are also many problems arising in Windows 8.1. The most common problem in windows 8.1 is Bluetooth not working. I already solved Bluetooth problems in both Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 but after these solution many of users not able to turn Bluetooth on, so I decide to write down steps to turn on Bluetooth on windows 8.1.

How To Turn ON or OFF Bluetooth

Step 1:

First move your arrow to top right corner and then click settings.

Step 2:

Now click Change PC Settings

Step 3:

In PC Settings, click Wireless. You will see a Bluetooth option in right side. So under the wireless option you can turn on or off Bluetooth.

bluetooth on windows

How To Add or Remove Devices

Step 1:

In PC settings, Click Devices.

Step 2:

Under Devices, you can add or remove devices by one click.

add a device bluetooth windows 8

Kinivo BTD-400 Bluetooth 4 USB adapter

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