How To Turn On Bluetooth In Windows 8.1

Recently Microsoft launches Windows 8.1 with many great features and apps but there are also many problems arising in Windows 8.1. The most common problem in windows 8.1 is Bluetooth not working. I already solved Bluetooth problems in both Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 but after these solution many of users not able to turn Bluetooth on, so I decide to write down steps to turn on Bluetooth on windows 8.1.

How To Turn ON or OFF Bluetooth

Step 1:

First move your arrow to top right corner and then click settings.

Step 2:

Now click Change PC Settings

Step 3:

In PC Settings, click Wireless. You will see a Bluetooth option in right side. So under the wireless option you can turn on or off Bluetooth.

bluetooth on windows

How To Add or Remove Devices

Step 1:

In PC settings, Click Devices.

Step 2:

Under Devices, you can add or remove devices by one click.

add a device bluetooth windows 8

Kinivo BTD-400 Bluetooth 4 USB adapter

If you have any question about this problem, please comment below.

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  1. Anders Hansen says

    Is it possible to create a shortcut for switching on and off the bluetooth signal on the desktop in Windows 8.1?

    • says

      Hi Anders Hansen,

      There are no shortcut for ON/OFF but you can create Bluetooth shortcut for desktop.

      Follow simple steps to make Bluetooth shortcut for desktop.

      Step 1: Right click on desktop and then New -> Shortcut.

      Step 2: Enter “%windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{28803F59-3A75-4058-995F-4EE5503B023C}” in location field. (View Image)

      Step 3: Now type “Bluetooth Devices” in name field. (View Image)

      Step 4: Now right click on Bluetooth Devices and go to properties then click Change Icon.

      Step 5: Now enter “%SystemRoot%\system32\DevicePairingFolder.dll” and click Ok and select Bluetooth Icon.

      Step 6: Apply and ok and close dialog box. That’s it.

  2. says

    im having a problem with removing a device from my computer its been removing for like 3 days ive removed it before so im not to sure whats going on if u could help me out with this problem that would be great! id really like to be able to listen to music again

  3. Vlatka says


    I’m having a problem with my bluetooth on Lenovo G510 Win 8.1, it doesn’t want to connect to my Harman Kardon SoundSticks Wireless Bluetooth, my phone (can’t find), and it doesn’t want to remove device (remove failed). I really don’t know what to do anymore. Can you help me…i tryed everything… and also when I try to find my laptop from my phone with bluetooth – it doesn’t show up.

  4. Akshay verma says

    My bluetooth option is not geting on .it is a fainted on n off …..i can switch on n off my wi fi but cant switch on n off my bluetooth……I had reinstalled atheros driver but did not worked….i recovered my pc still didnt work …..plz solve my dis problem………..

    • Robert says

      I agree with Pat. I’m using an ASUS X4200MA Notebook with Win8.1, and there are no links for Device or Wireless in PC Settings.

  5. Anil says

    My pc cannot find bluetooth nor other device can find my bluetooth . I m using Dell with window 8.,1
    When i upade bluthooth driver it says i have already latest bluethooth driver . How can i fix this problem?.
    The Pc always says that it is searching device but cannot detect any ?

  6. Umar says

    I format my pc when i reinstall it again but i can’t see my wereless i can see the bluetooth but is not proper if you tun it on its off his own hw i can do?

  7. Saeed Ahmed says

    i have HP Pavilion dv6 6168tx laptop but my blue tooth not find any device i try all solution but i am unable to do that pls help me

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